Lake Ridge Road from Whitby to Beaverton       

          By Cheryl Jack

 Driving north of Hwy #7 along Lakeridge Road to Beaverton, awe-inspiring hills and valleys in abundance makes my heart soar.  

Farms on either side of the road, vistas of wide-open fields, and billowing beckoning cloud formations.

Hy Hope Farm, Dagmar Ski Resort and then down to the Chalk Lake water pipes through which flow endless gallons of spring water.

Crossing Hwy #47 and the turn off for Uxbridge brings to mind this delightful town, first settled by Quakers in the 1800's, The Trail Capital of Canada.

A little further and there's the road to Leaskdale and the house where, for 15 years, Lucy Maud Montgomery and her family resided. The end of the road finds you in Beaverton on the shores of Lake Simcoe with its trains, regular as clockwork, traversing the small town, whistles blowing throughout the day and night.

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