High Point Road in Scugog Township        

          By Mara and Karl Bergmanis

A beautiful scene is a drive east along High Point Road from Ashburn Road.   Looking either south over the fields or north to the woods, or even the rows of trees and the fences – a reminder of the gentle peaceful countryside of the land of our birth. 

And around mid-afternoon you can see dairy cows being herded across this road to be milked.  How often does that still happen in the Region?

How fortunate we are living in the treetops surrounded by soft pine trees, oaks and maples – below us, though obscured by these trees, a small spring-fed silent lake – behind us, climbing a short steep hill, we can overlook Durham Region and see in the distance, some 80 kms. the skyline of Toronto and the C.N. Tower.

Nature, silence, solitude and spiritual renewal. What a gift indeed.

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