Grass Park Brooklin       

          By Sue Pitchforth

 We moved into the area approx 20 years ago coming from Streetsville, not knowing what to expect.  We wanted to raise our son in a small town atmosphere with a strong sense of community.  Little did we know, we picked the right place!

 After moving in and unpacking, we decided to explore and walk into the Downtown area.  As we were coming across Cassels Road we heard distant music.  We followed the music and ended up in this quaint, triangular park named Grass Park right in the centre of Town.  What a wonderful spot!  We just loved how it was a hub of the community and how it drew people together.  

  Grass Park for our family and for myself in particular, is such a special place where families gather to enjoy ice cream, visit, picnic and listen to Music in the Park weekly in the summer months. Major events such as Summer Artfest, Harvest Festival and Christmas in the Village are centered in the park and draw thousands.

 I know for me Grass Park is a very special part of living in Brooklin and in our Region.  It truly reflects how special Brooklin is and still provides a warm feeling each time I drop by.

 I think of all the wonderful memories we have and it makes me smile.

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