Fine Art Landscapes

LExploring the natural beauty of Durham Region from the northern shore of Lake Ontario to the south eaastern shore of Lake Simcoe, from the eastern shore of the Rouge River to the shore of Lake Scugog.

 Candle in the Wind

Along the eastern shore of  Lake Simcoe a tenacious Cedar Tree  reveals its journey of survival.

  High Water Dancer

A delicate tracery of shadow and reflection offers a graceful ballet, which belies the stresses of flooding.  

Oasis of Life

The complex interplay of sun, cloud, water, marsh grasses and trees supports a rich and varied habitat for wildlife.

Deep Fracture

First cracks appear in the thick ice of early spring on Lake Simcoe.

Tree Line

Near Valentyne a line of large, bare trees stretch southward as snow and clouds highlight their dark branches.

Winter Halo

On a small hillside above Blackwater trees glow in the direct rays of the setting sun.

Ice Hut Season Ends

The final evening of the ice hut season on Lake Simcoe.

Winter Birch

A single birch stands on a bare, sloping field.

Wind Break

In a wind swept area of Oak Ridges powerful gusts drive breaking clouds at sunset.

Season's End

An empty dock in Lake Simcoe waits for winter.

Evening Clouds

Ice breaks up on Lake Simcoe under dark cirrus clouds at sunset. 

Under the Boardwalk

A long boardwalk protects sensitive wetlands.




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