Martha Weber 

    Martha with her painting WIND

As an abstract surrealist artist, Martha works in watercolor, acrylics, mix-media, conté - pastels, photography, sculpts in clay and crafts. Martha's passion for art led her to establish the Ashburn Art Circle (AAC) in 2009 in partnership with Andris Piebalgs - organizing the annual juried Summer Art Fest in Brooklin, Ontario along with Group74 

Martha was born in Mexico and has been living in Canada over 30 years. Martha holds a degree in Interior Design from the University Feminine of Guadalajara, Mexico. She worked as Interior Designer with architects on the private factors. 

From 2005 to 2008 Martha attended Arscura School for Living Art where she studied the transformation of the human healing process to guide others. As an instructor / facilitator, Martha developed programs at her Studio 1245 and built a relationship with the Durham Hospice in Whitby since 2006. She has also facilitated youth and senior art programs with the Town of Whitby and Brooklin Community Center and Library.

  Sarah with Martha's painting ALPHA 

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