Connections in Time, Space and Spirit

LWho has not had a moment when they felt a sudden connection to a wholly other that surpasses all rational understanding? Although these transcendent moments cannot be fully understood the memories of these connections still affect us deeply. As artists we believe they are recalled through myth, art, poetry, dance and music. This exhibit explores such thoughts and experience.    Click an image to see the material.

Emerging Moment

Martha explores the nature of the subconscious from its positive side and then shows the negative aspects of what we keep hiden from ourselves.


An Emotional Cityscape

Steps to Truth

No Journey is seperate from all the other Journeys. 


Spell Bound

An exploration of the power of fantasy to
delight and captivate, but also transfix
and transform in this short, beguiling
piece that evades easy categorization.


Sunset Connections

This most common of events has the power to connect us however briefly to strangers and to provide quiet insights.


Masks and Persona

A perspective on masks.  Paradoxically they can both hide and reveal.

Self Portrait

A commentary on how we may see ourselves.

Human Dimensions of Architecture

The structures we design influence our lives.

Roots of Dreams

The invisible root systems that bind us to the web of all life.



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